Wednesday, 26 April 2017

New Release - "Grab Some Zees" plus a freebie

"Sleep perchance to dream"- Shakespeare

We all love our sleep, many more than others.
Children need to sleep to regenerate their minds 
and bodies for a another full day of activity.
Adults need some shut eye as well but can function 
on less time in the sack.

My favorite part of the sleep cycle is dreaming. 
The fantasy worlds that the brain creates fascinates me.
We are all inspired by our vivid dream state in one way or another.
Well, time to wake up and check out what's available in this kit.

"Grab Some Zees"

24 (3600x3600 pixel) background papers
80 Png transparent background elements

Check out the kit in my stores and 
get it at an introductory discount of 40% off.


First sample layout has a picture of my Mother in the 1950's.
We had travelled non-stop for 2 days and she was exhausted.

My brother-in-law after a very hard night is featured on this second page.


CT Karen had fun playing with this kit.
She even made this border for you.
Thanks Karen.
Get it in my store for free.


Have a great day!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Manic Monday - Fresh Squeezings

The freshness of a tall cool glass of lemon or limeade 
takes us to a relaxing place on a hot summer day.
Any dessert made with these citrus fruits are a perfect treat to please anyone.
Scrap your picnic or summer family gatherings with this green and yellow page kit.

"Fresh Squeezings"

Contains 36 background papers and 95 embellishments
all created full size at 300dpi for print quality.

You can get this kit for 40% off at my stores

Now for some samples to view.

Amazing An

Adorable Annemarie

Fabulous Francis

Kind-hearted Karen

Lively Linda

Lovely Lindy


Here is your freebie today.

(available for a short time)

Have a joy-joy day!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

New Release - "My Ancetors" plus a freebie

Every family has a story to record.
Searching for information on family members from 
our past has become a hobby for many.
I have created this page kit to record your history in pictures.
There are ready made labels to use, 
but I have included blanks so that you can add your own info.
Included are family trees to create whole pages of family portraits.
No matter how you want to record your family's story, 
you will find everything you need. 

 "My Ancestors"

18 (3600x3600 pixel) Background papers

100  Elements
26  Monograms

Everything has been created at 300dpi for quality printing.

You can get this kit at 50% off April 19 and 20th.

This first sample layout is of my family back in the 1950's.

These are old photos of my Great Grandparents in this layout.


Now for a special freebie for you.
Get it from my store.

Have a great day!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Manic Monday - Dramatic

Sometimes we have photographs that need a special touch.
In this kit you will find black, white and grey items 
to give your layouts a fantastic elegant look.


Contains 18 background papers and 65 embellishments
all created full size at 300dpi to printing quality.

At my stores for 50% off until April 20th


 Some sample layouts made with this kit.


A stacked paper is your freebie this week.

(available for s short time)

Have a joy-joy day!